Consumption of Cleaner and Primer


Peparations and pretreatment of the adhesive surfaces are the basis of the adhesive technology. Here you get some necessary information


Cleaning is the most important working steps in the adhesive technology. The bonding surface must be dry, free of dust and grease as well as free from loose parts (lacquer rests, rust etc). The pretreatment with SikaCleaner-205 causes at the same moment a cleaning and activation of the surface. With it the adhesion on smooth, not sucking surfaces can be improved clearly. Only use clean cleaning paper. Change oftento avoid to distribute the on the surface. By strong pollution begin with coarse cleaning with pure solvents (acetone, MEK, cleaning fluid). No Nitro or silicone removers use (not quite grease-free!) .

ATTENTION: on absorbing surfaces neither solvent nor SikaCleaner-205 should be used. Not vaporized solvents disturb the chemical reaction of the adhesives. Please also take notice, that alcohol can prevent the chemical reaction of the adhesives!


Certain surfaces need a primer as pretreatment. A Primer should be applied thin with a clean brush.

Please pay attention that:

the pretreated areas of the surfaces correspond with the areas where the adhesive is applied.

the correct primer is applied on the surface

the primer is completely dried before the adhesive is applied.

some primers must be shaken up.before use.


Primer- and cleaner consumption table


per 100 ml at 20 mm width
Applied with brush
*Applied with paper
17-22 Lfm
0,1-0,15 kg/2
Activator/ Hybrid-Activator
25-30 Lfm
*ca. 0,04 kg/2
SikaPrimer-206 G+P
17-22 Lfm
0,1-0,15 kg/2
17-22 Lfm
0,1-0,15 kg/2
SikaPrimer-210 T
12-15 Lfm
0,15-0,2 kg/2
12-15 Lfm
0,15-0,2 kg/2
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