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Sikasil Gasket

One-part silicone, acetic acid cur. Heat resistant up to 260 C. Sikasil Gasket is used for forming elastic seals that are resistant to vibration and high temperatures. Examples: Oil tanks, cylinder head seals, seals to sitchgear, air conditioning units etc. Sikasil Gasket must not be used for seals on paint applikation equipment or fuel tanks.


Neutral curing one-part silicone, flame retardent. Sika-Firesil has been specially developped for use in fire-resistant glazing installations and for the sealing of joints that are required to meet fire safety standards. Sika-Firesil is also used to overcoat hardened Sika-Firestop when sealing movement joints. Sika-Firesil meets the Swedish NT Fire 005 (ISO 834 standard).

Sika-Firesil Marine

One-part flame retardent silicone. Meets IMO A 653 standard, approved by DNV, Lloyds Register an German Lloyd.


Sika-Firestop is a slightly alkaline, inorganic silicate-based sealant. It is capable of withstanding temperatures up to 1000 C. At temperatures in excess of 250 C carbon dioxide (CO2) is produced, causing the material to undergo expansion. Because of its inorganic composition Sika-Firestop is ideally suited for the sealing of joints in areas where fire safty is a requirement. Typical applications include seals to: Fire check doors, fireplaces, chimneys, cable entries etc.


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